A tragic end for “Spracket”
April 9, 2010
A tragic end for “Spracket”

Franklyn “Spracket” Burgin tried to erase his checkered past and walk the straight and narrow. Sadly, he did not live to realise his full potential.{{more}}

Burgin, 52, of Arnos Vale, died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) on April 1, 2010, after being the victim of a cutlass attack the previous day.

Police have since charged Noel Caswell Pierre of Walvaroo in connection with Burgin’s death. He appeared at the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday and was remanded in custody until June 29 for a hearing.

Police told SEARCHLIGHT that the deceased, who has a history of mental illness and has been a patient at the Mental Health Centre on several occasions, had an altercation with Pierre’s child. The child is said to have gone home and returned with her father.

It is alleged that Pierre took away a cutlass from the deceased and chopped him in his head.

Burgin’s sister, Evelyn, told SEARCHLIGHT that her brother was no saint, but he was always helpful to her and did not deserve such a death. “I know he had a history of mental and drug problems but he was trying his best to cool out,” Burgin chimed. Burgin said that her brother would often get into trouble for taking people’s fruits off their private lands and was even shot in his stomach twice just last year.

Upon hearing the news that her brother had been chopped, Burgin said that she could not move from her home immediately. “I didn’t really take it on when the police came and tell me what happened, but is when I get to the hospital I started feeling it,” she noted.

On arrival at the hospital, Burgin said she could not bear to look at the wound at the back of her brother’s head. Burgin said as Franklyn lay at the hospital, someone tried to tell him that she (Evelyn) was there, but he didn’t respond. “He never say nothing,” Burgin cried.

Recounting her last fond memory of Franklyn, Burgin stated that last Sunday when he assisted her with chores around the house at her Upper Cane Hall home. “He came and told me he wanted some tea and after he done drink the tea, he trim the yard,” she recalled. When Franklyn was finished trimming the yard, he told his sister that he was going to meet some friends. That would be the last time Burgin saw her brother alive.

Burgin stated that before Franklyn’s death, he was not on drugs and told her that the doctor gave him certain instructions. “He tell me that the doctor told him he was on sick leave from drugs,” Burgin added. “I am going miss him so much. He was so helpful to all of us,” Burgin cried.

Strengthening Burgin’s claims, close family friend, Lorna Jackson, recalled a positive change in Burgin’s attitude after he stopped taking drugs. “Everybody could have seen how he used to act after he stop with the drugs because he was so helpful to everybody,” Jackson asserted.

Burgin’s funeral service will be held tomorrow at the Arnos Vale Christian Church, with the burial taking place at the Belair cemetery.