April 1, 2010
St. Benedict’s Day Nursery is appealing for help

The St. Benedict’s Day Nursery and Children’s Home is seeking the public’s assistance with their rebuilding project.{{more}}

Sister Nyra Anne Pajotte, the Administrator of the Nursery and Children’s home, said in a press release that the rebuilding project, which began on August 17, 2009, has run out of cash.

The release said that the home’s building funds were invested in CLICO International, “to be used for the project on maturity.”

“CLICO has been approached since June 25th, 2009, to make available to the project monies due to St. Benedict’s upon maturity of the funds which has been invested with them primarily for this rebuilding project. To date, we have not received a favorable response,” the release said.

St. Benedict’s, which is located at Mt. Bentinck in the north-eastern town of Georgetown, serves as a day care centre as well as a home to several disadvantaged children.

Pajotte said in light of the present situation she is appealing to the public for assistance.

“If no funds become available, the project would have to be discontinued immediately,” Pajotte said.

“The stopping of the project would be a very sad and devastating situation for all concerned. The children are eagerly looking forward to their new home.

The children, as many of you are aware, are residing in a make shift house that leaks when the rain falls and with other poor elements for a long time now.

“I look forward to a quick and favorable solution to this urgent matter,” the release said.