April 1, 2010
Erica publishes book about SVG

The picturesque story of the pepper industry in St Vincent and the Grenadines has never been documented.

That is, until now.{{more}}

“A Journey with Erica to St Vincent and the Grenadines” is the latest effort by entrepreneur Erica McIntosh, which highlights not only her career, but her passion for her country.

The publication is unique, as according to McIntosh, it is not only a first for a local to have published such a book, but it features one of her favourite past times – photography.

The entire production is one hundred per cent local.

The photographs were all been taken by McIntosh, and the compilation done by Alexandra Paolino.

“I really enjoyed doing it. I had thousands of photos to select from and this is what I came up with,” McIntosh said, as she addressed friends and well wishers at the official book launch last Friday, March 26.

“I always wanted to catalogue my photos in a book form and to particularly do something on SVG, the terrain and the sites,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

McIntosh said that the entire project took a little over 8 months to complete.

And for those wondering if she has left her ‘day job’ to pursue a literary career?

McIntosh says that although she will be working on another such project in the future, she is not ready to give up her trademark agro-processing business as the book project is just something to fill the void.

According to McIntosh, “This was just to pick up the slack,” during the recent slow period due to scarcity of raw materials as a result of the dry weather.

“You have to take the risk,” she explained.