March 26, 2010
Preliminary round over for Junior Calypso, Soca Finals

A number of primary and secondary school songbirds are eagerly awaiting June 29, 2010, to spar off in the Junior Calypso and Soca Finals.{{more}}

The group of about 30 students altogether auditioned at the preliminary round of the competition. The preliminaries took place on Friday, March 19, and Saturday, March 20, for the primary school and secondary school participants, respectively.

On Friday, students from various primary schools auditioned in both Calypso and Soca. The group of students rendered songs which paid special attention to various social issues, including child molestation, preservation of natural resources, education and future aspirations.

The Soca tunes spoke about lighter issues and were mainly about the celebration of carnival.

The secondary school students auditioning on Saturday were equally talented in their delivery of their pieces. Some sang their tunes to the music of drums or the guitar, and the tapping of feet and hands as one boy did. The students were, however, not required to sing the entirety of their songs.

Those participants will be narrowed down to eight in each category, Junior Soca, Junior Calypso, and will move on to the finals on June 29.