Improve your ‘text life’ with LIME
March 26, 2010
Improve your ‘text life’ with LIME

WITH just one week to go to the end of the Improve Your Text Life promotions, LIME has added an extra $1,000 every week and an all-expense-paid night at the exotic Young Island Resort.{{more}}

Customers who talk for six minutes during the day have been texting up a storm as they Improved their Text Life.

Romeesh Small of Layou won an extra $1,000 this week. He spoke for six minutes, text unlimited until midnight, and when he thought he had gotten enough from LIME for his troubles, he received a call from LIME Marketing Executive Andrea Liverpool with the news that he was the lucky winner of $1000.

At the handing-over ceremony, the elated Romeesh commented that he was excited with the news and he is a frequent “text-a-holic”. “I find it very cheap to use my LIME phone and I enjoy the unlimited texts all day long,” said Romeesh.

Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Fitzgerald Huggins is encouraging LIME customers to continue to take advantage of this promotion before it comes to an end at the end of March. Said Huggins: “We continue to excite our customers with promotions of this nature. Customers can look forward to more promotions in the future as we continue to give more value to them. A lucky couple can look forward to Improving their Text Life at the Young Island resort when the promotion ends.”