March 19, 2010
You get your money’s worth at Gourmet Food

Shopping at Gourmet Food guarantees customers receive their money’s worth.

Mark Isaacs, General Manager of Gourmet Food, shared this sentiment at the supermarket’s recent special promotion with Christian Fredriksson, one of Sweden’s top chefs.{{more}}

“There is literally no wastage. Every pound in weight you pay for is a pound of product you are going to actually use,” said Isaacs, at Gourmet Food’s main supermarket at Calliaqua last week Friday.

“A lot of times when you buy from regular supermarkets, for every pound of product that you buy, you might have to actually discard a quarter of it or a third of it,” Isaacs exclaimed.

He expressed that the staff members at Gourmet Food enjoy staging such promotions because it’s an excellent way to showcase the products sold to consumers.

Isaacs, however, noted that the company would like to do promotions on a more consistent basis but can only do so when Fredriksson is available.

“It’s an excellent way to showcase the products we actually sell. It is particularly good for business houses because they can come here and they can add things to their menus that maybe they would not have thought of,” said Isaacs.

“The reaction that we have got from a lot of our guests is ‘Arrhh, we didn’t realise how easy that is to do’,” said Isaacs, adding “You see this in creation which looks extremely technical and what you would think is difficult to do.”

On this note, Chef Fredriksson demonstrated how particular products should be cooked and how easy they are to prepare, while specially invited guests, including former Prime Minister of St.Vincent and the Grenadines Sir James Mitchell, sampled the food on display.

The chef, who has been visiting St.Vincent and the Grenadines since 2007, did not prepare dishes from any particular part of the world this time around, but concentrated on cooking Gourmet products combined with flavours from all over the world.

During his stint here he trained local chefs about products supplied by the supermarket, how to use them, what to use them in, and how to combine them with local products.

Meanwhile, Isaacs noted that people carry an initial thought that Gourmet Food products are expensive, but that is not the case, he explained.

“We have Marmalade for $5 which is from Sweden. A whole 8.50 gram Dijon Mustard is only $19.50. As far as I am concerned the shrimps are not only the best quality in the country but we are the cheapest,” said Isaacs.

He disclosed that Gourmet Food staff monitors the other supermarkets to see what their prices are like.

“I welcome anybody to come in and check our price and go and check our price elsewhere. Where like for like product is concerned they will not find a cheaper price,” said Isaacs.

Lovers of wine are told that previously Gourmet Food only had eight types of wines to choose from. Now, the supermarket has 30 types of wines, with prices ranging from $25 and $55.

Gourmet Food is accessible with branches in Calliaqua, Kingstown Cruise Ship Terminal, and Bequia.