March 19, 2010
CW Prescod celebrates Heroes Day

Six of this country’s nation builders were honored by the students and teachers of the CW Prescod Primary School as part of their annual National Heroes Day Celebration.{{more}}

Held under the theme “Preserving our heritage with pride”, the event took place on Friday, March 12, at the school. It featured cultural performances as well as presentations of certificates to the honorees.

Speaking at the event, Coordinator Suzette Abbott King said that the event was held to mark the contribution of nation builders, more so that of the Garifuna people to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Echoing her comments, headteacher of the school Hyacinth Harry said that the event also served as a way of educating the children about the culture and the heritage of St. Vincent, as the CW Prescod School is focused on holistic development of their children.

The event included a lively performance from honoree Nzimbu Browne on drums, and the Brighton Methodist School and Calliaqua Anglican School drummers. The students of the CW Prescod School also displayed their talents, performing the French origin Quadrille Dance, chorale speaking, folk songs, story telling and a rendition of classic Vincentian ring games like “A Farmer in the Dell”, “Brown girl in the ring” and “Sandy Boy”. The event also included a display of Creole food, which was sold to those gathered.

The six nation builders who were awarded are craftsman, artist and drummer Nzimbu Browne, Educator and performer Carlton ‘CP’ Hall, Community Activist Nelica Robinson- Hazell, Teacher and Trade Unionist Oswald Robinson, Dramatist David ‘Darkie’ Williams, and Historian Dr. Edgar Adams.

Adams, who delivered the fkeynote address, educated the students on the history of the founder of their school, CW Prescod. The honorees each received certificates on behalf of the students and teachers of the CW Prescod School and an issue of the school’s newsletter Torch.