March 19, 2010
Baptiste: We have only scratched the surface

Two hundred and fifteen years have passed since the fall of the resistance associated with Carib Chief Joseph Chatoyer, and with it the dawning of a new spirit of nationalism.{{more}}

René Baptiste, Minister of Culture, during her address at this year’s wreath-laying ceremony at Dorsetshire Hill last Monday, March 15, spoke of the work yet to be done.

“We in St Vincent and the Grenadines have only scratched the surface of our history, but what a fascinating history it is,” Baptiste said.

She credited her Ministry for inculcating a renewed spirit of nationalism and patriotism and for laying down the roots.

However, the time had come for Vincentians to take charge of their own history and heritage, this according to Baptiste.

“We must steer the course and learn about these revelations,” she said.

“I desire to hear more young people yearn to study the field to help the sector grow.”

She noted that this was our time to rediscover our past.

“There is no imperialist to get in the way,” she explained.

“We are a people of a resilient spirit, a people of struggle.”