March 12, 2010
HR management seminar to be held

A three-day seminar on Effective HR Management will be held next week for persons involved in the management of their companies’ human resources.{{more}}

The seminar is organized by the Centre for Enterprise Development Inc (CED) under the Business Gateway Project. It will be held from Wednesday, March 17 to Friday, March 19 under the theme “Charting the Future of HR: Unleashing Our Human Capital”.

The seminar is expected to equip participants with specific knowledge, skills and abilities associated with human resource management, to enable them to perform effectively the functions of human resource professionals in their businesses/companies. Over 25 business professionals have registered for this seminar, which will be facilitated by HR consultant Susan Joachim of Joachim & Associates.

Among the wide range of topics to be covered at the seminar are Managing Human Resources in a Changing Business Environment: Understanding the Importance of the HR Function within the Business; and Characteristics/Qualities of an Effective HR Manager. Participants will also learn the role of the HR manager, how to manage performance and the importance of assessing employees’ performance, how to manage employees’ learning and development, as well as managing human resource information systems.

In addition, the seminar will expose participants to HR law, policies, ethics and workplace governance.

According to Jacintha James, Manager of Training Seminars and Education at CED, the Effective HR Management seminar is being held for the second year.

“When we introduced this seminar in March 2009, we did so because we recognized human resource management as another critical area of business development and management that is still being ignored by many managers in the private and public sector. We are happy that at the same time we are thinking of offering another seminars a group of HR professionals are taking steps to bring greater focus to HR in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s always a good feeling when CED can identify matters that would impact on business development and do something about it.”

James states that “Human resource management and development is vital to any organization and there are basic procedures that are necessary to manage these human resources and ensure that the business functions effectively”

The seminar takes place at the CED Conference Room, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. next Wednesday to Friday. Registration closes today Friday, March 12 at 12:00 noon. Interested persons can contact CED’s Public Relations Officer, Keisha Phillips at 451-2235, Ext 30.