SVG gets new web portal AGORA
March 5, 2010
SVG gets new web portal AGORA

The Agora was an open place of assembly for the ancient Greeks, so, too, it is expected to serve as a medium for interaction for persons to discuss all aspects of the Information, Technology and Communication sector here.{{more}}

The joint e-marketing initiative, known as AGORA, was launched last Tuesday, February 23.

Jani Savolainen, IT Specialist with the Business Skills Development and e-business Incubators, said that the web portal provides a number of services as well as promoting the country’s ICT sector.

One such service is the site’s ability to provide internal communication within the sector.

“Persons can register on the site and go to discussion forums to voice problems, and persons can offer advice,” Savolainen said.

Dr Jerrol Thompson, Minister of Telecommunications, in speaking of the technological advances that had been taking place within the country over recent years, noted that the implementation of such a web portal was necessary.

“We have to have a repository to get information and to provide suggestions to improve,” Dr Thompson said.

“This new portal will show what’s going on by way of discussions, forums and business ideas.”

The launch of the web portal was one of many new ICT innovations expected to be implemented as this country’s government looks to modify the way it conducts business.

The minister spoke of the initiative e-government, expected to come on stream later this year.

According to Thompson, this project is expected to enhance the way people interact with the government and will be web based.