March 5, 2010
St. Vincent Grammar School Young Leaders: Just keep living!

THE St.Vincent Grammar School Young Leaders recently took their message of Holistic Wellness to the communities of Paul’s Avenue, Rose Place and Sandy Bay. On Friday, February 12, 2010, it was the turn of the residents of Paul’s Avenue and Rose Place to hear from the Young Leaders, while on Saturday, February 21, 2010, the residents of Sandy Bay heard from the young men.{{more}} The Young Leaders spent several hours in each community.

According to the group, the message they took to the communities entailed four fundamental pillars. These include spiritual, physical, mental as well as emotional and social wellness.

According to the president of the group, Mbeki Swift, who coordinated the community outreach aspect of the project: “When we arrived in each community, we divided ourselves into small groups and engaged the residents in discussion on the various aspects of the theme.”

Swift went on to state that the Young Leaders met the people where they were, in their homes, in the village shops, on the block and even in their backyard gardens.

On their way back to school, the young Grammar School group paid a visit to a pre-school in the Level Garden area. The young men were delighted to spend some time with the children, while they engaged the teachers in discussion on Holistic Wellness.

The president also stated that the group has been well received by the residents of each community. He pointed out that the final leg of the community outreach will take place on Saturday, March 6, 2010. This final leg will take the Grammar School Young Leaders to the island of Bequia. While in Bequia the young leaders will take their message of Holistic wellness to the residents of Paget Farm and Port Elizabeth.