Play inspired by Obama’s speech
March 5, 2010
Play inspired by Obama’s speech

A historic and memorable speech which addresses issues of race, social status and discrimination, was performed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines last Friday at the Attic Jazz Club in Kingstown.{{more}}

The speech, “A More Perfect Union” was written and delivered by President of the United States Barack Obama in Philadelphia on the March 18, 2008. It was developed into a 40-minute play “De la Race en Amerique” (Race in America) directed by Jose Pliya and performed by Martinican Actor Eric Delor.

Speaking to the media a day before the production, Delor mentioned that the speech is performed with no emotion as the director’s vision was to render the text’s dramatic effect through the simple reading of the text.

The text is read by Delor in French while the English is translated on a screen behind him. Delor who is a theatrical actor said he found it difficult at first to perform the piece. “…sometimes after the show, Jose will say ‘at this moment, your eyebrow moved, don’t do that’ the face must be flat, no emotion, just words.”

Form Five French students and teachers of the Girls High School and the St. Vincent Grammar School were invited to view the performance of the play on Friday at 1pm at the Attic Jazz Club, after which a 20-minute discussion took place.

The speech spoke about freedom of black people, the issues of racism and the controversial statements made by Reverend Wright. The students remained quiet during the discussion period, however the adults present discussed instances where they felt they were discriminated against, and how racism is portrayed in different countries. The play was performed again at 5pm at the Attic Club for the general public.

Delor who has performed the play in several countries including parts of the United States, Canada and Europe, will perform the play in a few Eastern Caribbean countries.