February 26, 2010
Sandy Bay Government School gets a taste of LIME’s kindness

LIME has answered a call made by the Sandy Bay Government School to provide the school with a printer to be used in preparation of tests and teaching material for the school.{{more}} Last Friday, February 19, Country Manager Angus Steele and Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications Fitzgerald Huggins journeyed to Sandy Bay to hand over the Hewlett Packard printer to Headteacher St. Elbert Walters.

According to Walters, the school has been faced with numerous problems, which include the inability to prepare enough practice test papers for the Common Entrance class. “This printer will go a long way in assisting the teachers to better prepare the school for these exams. We have been getting better grades at these exams, and it is well known now, that last year the twin brothers, TJ and AJ Cordice, came in the first ten places for Common Entrance. As we continue to improve the delivery of primary education we need these kinds of assistance. I want to say special tanks to LIME for answering the call and coming all the way here to deliver the printer,” said Walters.

Country Manager Angus Steele, in handing over the printer, expressed pleasure in assisting the school. “Education, Culture, Sport and Community will get a lot of attention from LIME going forward. Rural schools are now showing that they can compete with the bigger schools, even without the same infrastructure, so I am extremely pleased to hand over this printer to assist the school,” said Steele.

LIME continues to build a reputation for assisting rural communities and educational institutions. It has recently adopted the Sion Hill Government School and has donated IT equipment to the school to assist in the delivery of primary education. Additionally, LIME has been sponsoring Internet Summer School, Schools’ Public Speaking and the National CSEC/CXC awards for children with academic excellence.