February 26, 2010
Break in at Skills Training storeroom

The Police are seeking information from members of the public regarding the recent break in of the Skills Training Storeroom at Campden Park.

According to reports from officials at the Skills Training Unit, on February 12, a report was made to the police that the storeroom at Campden Park was broken into and a 138 pieces of tool and equipment valued at over EC$18,000 were stolen.

The stolen items include jack planes, internal and external circle pliers, sledge hammers, coping saws, hacksaws with blades, grease guns, screwdrivers and a red welding machine.

The equipment was used in the Skills Training Unit’s training programme.

Anyone with information relating to the missing items is asked to notify the nearest police station or members of the Unit at telephone numbers 457-2960 and 450-0415.

The public is also reminded that it is an offence to receive or buy stolen items. Anyone convicted of this offence can receive up to 7 years’ imprisonment. (API)