February 26, 2010
6th Savings and Investment Course to begin soon

THE 6TH SAVINGS and Investment Course, which is being presented by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking and Financial Services and the University of the West Indies, will commence on Friday, March 5 2010, at 5.00 p.m., at the University of the West Indies Open Campus. The course will run for ten weeks on every Friday of the month.{{more}}

A short opening ceremony will be held at 5.00 p.m., preceding the first session by Isaac Solomon, Country Manager of RBTT Bank on Personal Financial Planning.

Addresses will be made by the Local Co-ordinator Cheryl Rodriguez, the ECCB’s Resident Representative Elritha Dick, President of the ECIB &FS Errol Allen and Resident Representative of the U.W.I. Adrian Fraser.

Over 300 persons have graduated from five courses in St Vincent and the Grenadines, joining over 1,200 in the Eastern Caribbean.

The course is a module on personal finance and investment basics which is part of the ECCU’s public education programme, to promote economic development within its member states.

One of the main objectives is to help participants to learn how to better develop basic budgeting techniques, improve money management skills and learn the basics of investing.

The Topics to be covered include: Factors affecting financial decisions; Development of a financial plan to reach financial goals; Types of investment instruments; How to protect oneself against financial risk; Types of financial markets; How securities are bought and sold; Regulation of financial markets; Factors that affect price; Developing and managing your investment portfolio.