Steele visits LIME Christmas winner
February 19, 2010

Steele visits LIME Christmas winner

“We are genuinely interested in people’s well being. Garfield won $50,000 in the LIME Christmas promotions, but we are very interested in how he spends the money. We are here to show support and give financial advice to Garfield if required.”{{more}}

Those were the words of Angus Steele, LIME Country Manager, who journeyed to Fancy last Saturday to visit Garfield Toussaint. Notably surprised by the visit, Toussaint was going to the shop when he met Steele and his entourage at his gate several yards away from the shop.

Toussaint, a gospel preacher, is thanking God for his blessings and has indicated that he has already taken care of his immediate needs, and “there is quite a bit more money I have set aside for rainy days. People still refer to me as Mr. LIME when they see me, since I won the prize” he noted.