February 19, 2010
Eustace: Let them take legal action

“Let him take the legal action. We have checked our lawyers on that matter before.”{{more}}

That was Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace’s response to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ directive to his legal team to take action against Eustace, the radio stations broadcasting a certain commercial and its producers.

This most recent lawsuit stems from the broadcast of a radio commercial which has Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves as its subject.

A statement issued by lawyers Anthony Astaphan, Grahame Bollers, Richard Williams, Stephen Williams and Rochelle Forde indicates that the advertisement is “riddled with lies, misinformation and is gravely defamatory of the Prime Minister.”

According to the statement, the advertisement makes an allegation which is “a malicious and dishonest fabrication created for the sole partisan purpose of wrongfully tainting the reputation of the honourable Prime Minister.”

At the New Democratic Party’s press conference on Wednesday morning, Eustace defended the airing of the commercial, saying that he did not believe that anything was wrong with it and indicated that it will continue.

A second commercial was aired during the press conference.

The Prime Minister in his Wednesday afternoon session with the media indicated that he has instructed his lawyers to extend the lawsuit to include the Opposition Leader.

He said that at that stage, when both he and the Opposition Leader are in court, Eustace can ask about the US $1 million issue and he (Dr. Gonsalves) will be obliged to answer.

“Yo name man, repeat it!” The Prime Minister challenged.