February 12, 2010
Tourism commercials to hit TV screens soon

Three of six commercials about the local tourism industry are to hit television screens here soon.

At a Ministry of Tourism press conference held on Wednesday, February 3, Communications Manager in the ministry Anesia Baptiste announced that the commercials, which were adapted from radio advertisements, will be aired on SVG TV (Channel 9) and on IK TV (Channel 45).{{more}}

According to Baptiste, the commercials are designed to build local public awareness about tourism.

“The main objective is to address values and attitudes in our population; to make Vincentians more tourism friendly and develop a national pride in, and ownership of what is ours.”

The advertisements unveiled at the conference covered three themes.

The first dealt with cruise tourism, promoting good ambassadorship to the visitors, especially those from the cruise ships. Advertisement number two dealt with environmental issues, especially littering and its effects, while the third commercial looked at the various tourism sites, attractions and activities.

Baptiste indicated that it was important for Vincentians to understand that the sites are not only for the visitors, but also for locals to enjoy and preserve.

“We want them to know that what St. Vincent has to offer is not just for visitors, but for your own relaxation and enjoyment.”

She indicated that the other radio ads are to be developed for television in the near future.