Parents urged to work with school officials
February 5, 2010

Parents urged to work with school officials

The Campden Park Secondary School (CPSS) has taken up the challenge of implementing a programme designed to educate parents about their parental responsibility.{{more}}

The ten week ‘Parent Education Programme’ was officially launched on Monday, February 1, and according to the programme’s coordinator Shanika John, its aim is to equip parents with the skills and attitudes to be more effective in their children’s lives.

“It is very important that parents play an important role in their child’s life. Too often they take that role for granted,” John contended.

“We are hoping to see better end results for the school, as we see many issues affecting the school,” she further explained.

The Health and Family Life facilitator in the Ministry of Health, assigned to the CPSS, was adamant that parents needed to begin working along with the school’s officials in order for them to effectively solve some of the problems they are facing.

“Children know when you are not fulfilling your responsibilities.”

“From my experience with working with the students, you see how hurt they are when their parents are not giving them what they want – we have to reinforce this point,” John told SEARCHLIGHT.

Parents will be educated on a number of topics ranging from effective parenting to self-esteem to child abuse to communication.

John explained that similar programmes had already been started in Langley Park and Owia, with plans for the launch of similar programmes at the Buccament Bay and Central Leeward Secondary Schools.