February 5, 2010
Grass much greener on inside for kid

The youngest member of the Cyrus family of Long Wall is a one-year-old kid.

The only thing unusual about that is that little Bassa is a goat.{{more}}

Bassa is the beloved pet of 14-year-old Alexandra, who says he is closer to her than some of her human relatives.

‘Alex’, as she is affectionately called, first met Bassa when she saved the newly born kiddie from dogs which were about to pounce on the weak and feeble critter.

“He belonged to my boyfriend and after I chase away the dogs from attacking him, I asked if I could have him, and my boyfriend said yes,” she explained.

Ever since that day, the goat has never left her side.

According to Alex, the goat, which turns one on Sunday, is granted all the luxuries that could be possibly afforded a pet.

Bassa has his own bedroom, with a bed, and a cupboard where his toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, and yes, his clothes, are kept.

“He usually gets his clothes from America from my aunt in New York,” Alex informs.

“He doesn’t much up grass, so he eats regular food like any other child, like pie and rice and peas and them things.”

And he loves popsicles.

“On Sundays we take him to the beach because he likes the sea,” the teenager shared.

Having a pet that can be used as a source of valuable protein comes with its challenges.

She related that at one point her boyfriend’s father wanted to take Bassa away, but after being persuaded by her mother not to, he relented.

In another instance, her uncle thought Bassa would look better on the table, rather than under it, but he also changed his mind when Alex objected.

Alexandra claims that she loves her pet goat and will never part ways with him.

She shares her pet with her six-year-old sister Micaiah, who drew stares from curious onlookers while taking a stroll in Kingstown recently. One of SEARCHLIGHT’s readers took a photograph of the cutely dressed goat and submitted it to the newspaper. The photograph was last week’s PhotoOpinion.

What would be regarded as an oddity by some, is a loving, loyal and friendly extension of the Cyrus family, according to Alex.

“He is very nice and obedient. When he go up in the bush and you say ‘Bassa’, he would run come to meet you. I am just in love with him.”