President of JCI returns
January 29, 2010

President of JCI returns

Sharlene Wyllie, President of JCI St. Vincent, recently returned to state following a visit to the 90th US Jaycees Leadership Academy.{{more}}

Describing the visit as “very exciting” and a “learning experience”, Wyllie participated in various activities, including the installation of the 90th President and Board of Directors of the US Jaycees.

She also took part in “Check your Attitude” (CYA) training with member and head trainer Matt Booth. That session focused on the concept that “the more you talk about something, it becomes a habit and finally ACTION.” There was a visit to the US Service Centre, where Wyllie was able to view information on the JCI organization since its inception. The centre is also the home of the first ever JCI Creed.

Other training sessions included discussions on different ways in which members could develop JCI Chapters.

Another feature of the visit was a donation by the JCI community to the “Nothing But Nets” programme in Africa, which buys bed nets for persons in African and India who suffer from Malaria.

The highlight was the closing ceremony at which JCI World President Roland Kwemain of Cameroon shared his vision and plans for JCI for 2010. He thanked members for welcoming him and asked Jaycees members to always leave a positive IMPACT.