January 22, 2010

Police to benefit from government initiatives

Both female and male police officers are expected to benefit from a set of initiatives which will be introduced by the Government this year.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves announced on Tuesday this week that Government plans to make the necessary amendments to the law to advance the age of retirement for corporals from age 50 to 55.

“I know many corporals will be happy to hear this and the constables will be happy to hear this,” said Gonsalves, to a round of applause from supporters sitting in the public gallery of the House of Assembly.

“You know when you reach the stage of age 50 and you are a corporal you got to leave. We say no,” said Gonsalves.

Gonsalves, who holds the post of Minister of National Security, stated that this is one of the requests that have been made by the Police Welfare Association (PWA).

Regarding the female officers, Gonsalves said he has given instructions to increase their maternity leave from one month and seek to put it as far as possible on parity with other areas in the public service.

“I can’t have our police women giving birth and after thirty days expect to find them walking as a sentry. I have difficulty with that. I can’t stand that. We have to protect the police women,” said the prime minister.

Gonsalves said paternity leave will also be granted to male police officers.