January 22, 2010
New generation of ULP politicians take centre stage

Vincentians are beginning to see the shaping of the new generation of persons who will steer the course of the Unity Labour Party (ULP), says Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves.{{more}}

This was Gonsalves’ perspective on the appointments of Michelle Fife, Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, and Saboto Caesar, Minister of Housing, Lands, Informal Settlements, and Local Government.

Offering congratulatory remarks last Tuesday morning to the two young lawyers, Gonsalves described Fife as a blessed human being and Caesar as his son, a description he has used repeatedly in connection with the young man.

“Michelle Fife is a beautiful Caribbean young lady, inside and outside,” said Gonsalves, noting that she has been molded by a strong mother, a loving father and stepfather.

He wished the young woman, who had earlier been sworn in as a Senator, a bright and prosperous political career.

Before ending his glowing remarks of Fife, Gonsalves said she was the first beauty pageant winner here to be awarded a scholarship to pursue university studies.

Regarding Caesar, the prime minister said the young man had ambitions of being a sailor, but had a change of heart after receiving outstanding Advanced Level results the same day he was due to make final payments to the ship’s agent.

Gonsalves wished Caesar well and expressed confidence that he would continue to succeed in his new role.

The prime minister said the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration, from its inception, promotes young people in every walk of life. He noted that people just have to take a look at the number of young people advancing in the state’s administration, the public service, public enterprises, the diplomatic field, Parliament, and in ministerial portfolios.

He expressed thanks for the service that Julian Francis and Conrad Sayers gave to the Party and to the Government, as they make way for the young Caesar and Fife, as well as others with ambitions of pursuing a political career.

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace also welcomed the two to the House of Assembly.

He wished Fife well but declined to comment on which seat she would contest.

Eustace, however, noted that whichever constituency Fife contests she will have a formidable contender.

The Opposition Leader said he looks forward to seeing Caesar operate as a full minister.

He described Caesar as a young man with promise.

Eustace also had kind sentiments for Francis, his opponent in the 2005 General Elections. He noted that Francis is a good organizer, but joked that he was successful everywhere else except East Kingstown, the seat held by Eustace.

Other congratulatory remarks were delivered to Fife and Caesar by parliamentarians René Baptiste, Terrence Ollivierre, Julian Francis, Selmon Walters, and Glen Beache.