King: I will defend myself
January 22, 2010

King: I will defend myself

Hans King, Press Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, and New Democratic Party (NDP) diehard supporter Kendal ‘Kenlyn’ Neverson, had a brawl in Kingstown last Tuesday evening which still remains the talk of the town.{{more}}

King was able to keep his cool earlier Tuesday, amidst the taunting of scores of NDP supporters during a protest and even smiled as he walked passed them.

But it was clear that as the day progressed, his control eroded somewhat.

Reports reaching SEARCHLIGHT indicate that Neverson tried to engage King in some political bantering, which resulted in a nasty verbal exchange.

SEARCHLIGHT contacted King for his version of what happened.

Though he was reluctant to speak about the matter, he said Neverson needs to be warned by members of the Opposition not to interfere with people.

King said he will defend himself once he is provoked by Neverson or anyone else.

On WeFM’s morning programme hosted by Ernesto Cooke early Thursday morning, King elaborated on the melee.

“Let it be known that I will defend myself against anyone, anywhere, anytime, who tries to harass me, embarrass me, or whatever else,” said King.

“Let me say this: I did not leave my mouth in my mother, as Poorsah said, ‘me nah lef me mouth in me Muma’. So if Kenlyn thinks he could come and interfere with me and I will just let him have his way, he is dead wrong,” said King.

King accused Neverson of having a history of interfering with people including his supporters. Giving an account of what happened, he said he was going back to the main government administrative building, when Neverson stopped his taxi and confronted him.

“I am not afraid of Kenlyn because Kenlyn has no secrets for me. And I have stated before, I do not break the law of St.Vincent and the Grenadines in any way. I do not, and I will state that homosexuality is against the law in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. That may have angered him in the past and I am sure that it will anger him today again.”

King said he is not a friend of Kenlyn’s and is not interested in having any political discussion with him.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted Neverson, he admitted to making statements in King’s direction but said it was pure political bantering.

He noted that even though he did not call King’s name, he was referring to him.

The entrepreneur said he is a regular caller to the radio shows and on more than one occasion called on King as Press Secretary to shed light on certain issues or get certain things done.

“Sometimes I will make certain comments pertaining to the prime minister and he (King) will get personal,” said Neverson, noting that King has even questioned the source of his funding.

“Last night I pull off on the taxi…and he had just passed in front of the taxi men. So I began to laugh. I said ‘Ah boy, ah boy, I hope when ah ready to deal with you, you ain’t say nutten.’ I am telling you the honest truth it was him I was talking to.

“I did not call his name, so therefore he didn’t have no right to comment, because he didn’t know if I was speaking to any of the gentlemen…I was only looking now for a little politics between me and him,” said Kenlyn.

Neverson said King turned around and cursed several expletives and warned him that he is not a “b*****man with him.”

Neverson noted after warning King that he is not going down that route and King continued, “I let him have it in the most dirty way. I start to rest it on him!”(HN)