Beache: Take care of tourism sites
January 22, 2010

Beache: Take care of tourism sites

Minister of Tourism Glen Beache is reminding persons to take care of the newly developed Tourism sites.

Beache made comments at a brief ceremony held last week to hand over equipment to nine tourism sites which were recently refurbished under a European Union sponsored tourism development project.{{more}}

During his speech, Beache said that a few sites have been misused by persons, and added that if persons do not take care of the sites, they may expired in two years time.

He, however, stated that he was sure that the various community groups appointed to manage the sites would manage them well.

Three thousand dollars worth of equipment and supplies was handed over the groups. The equipment includes gardening tools such as lawn mowers and wheel barrows, office supplies including desk and chairs, computers, and dining chairs and tables for sites with restaurants.

Generators were purchased for Vermont Nature Trail and the Wallilabou Heritage Park.