Consignment store opens in St. Vincent
January 15, 2010
Consignment store opens in St. Vincent

A store which offers quality clothing at affordable prices has opened here in St. Vincent.

And, according to Toni Connell, the woman behind ‘Fabulous Finds’: “We are trying to be a store with a difference.”

“I think it’s an idea that is timely, and it offers Vincentians another option,” Connell told SEARCHLIGHT, of this country’s first and only consignment store.{{more}}

According to Connell, there is no other store in the country which offers good quality clothing at such affordable prices.

From Ralph Lauren to Land to Anne Klein, the store, located on Egmont Street in the space formerly occupied by the law firm Hughes and Cummings, features some of the world’s top designer brands.

Stocks include women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, caps and children’s outfits.

The system is simple, if anyone has an article of clothing at home that has been worn, or one may be tired of wearing; a garment that one may have outgrown, Fabulous Finds will sell that article of clothing for a fee.

There are instances where articles of clothing may be new, but evenso, it is usually a 70 to 30 percent arrangement with the latter being the amount received by the customer for the service, as according to Connell, there are bills to be paid.

However she maintains the view that in light of the world’s economic problems, having a place where one can convert clothing into cash is well worth it, no matter the cost.

The pieces of clothing must meet required standards, for example there should not be buttons missing, stains and the overall garment must be in an overall good condition.

Connell, who has been residing in St Vincent for some 19 years, said she was inspired to open such a business because of complaints she kept hearing.

She said that people would often complain about the poor quality of items being offered, and a lack of options. Persons, she said, either shopped at the lower end or more upscale clothing stores.

“I am hitting the middle road of the market; people who want something of good quality and don’t want to spend a lot of money,” said Connell.

Customers are told upfront that the majority of the items are used and that they are shopping in a consignment store.

Connell added that the Vincentian public was slowly coming around to the concept of such a store.

“What’s the stigma of wearing someone else’s clothing? – it’s no big deal,” she opined.

“People are over that.”