Catchments drying up
January 15, 2010
Catchments drying up

Two of this country’s largest water catchments are drying up owing to the lack of rainfall and low river flow over the past two months.

As a result, the water supply in some communities has been disrupted.{{more}}

The Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) has pinpointed the Montreal and Dallaway water systems as the most affected by the water shortage, resulting in disruptions to the water supply in Richland Park, Simon, New Prospect, and Maroon Hill.

Other communities affected by system of periodic interruptions to the supply introduced by the CWSA to help alleviate the problem include: Kellypa, Ginger Village, Cotton Ground, Evesham, Hopewell, La Croix, Acres, Belmont, Punset, Mt.Pleasant, Cane End, Peruvian Vale, Caruth, Upper Ratho Mill, Diamond Estate, Belvedere, Brighton, Prospect, and Glamorgan. Some parts of Calder and Carapan are also affected.

Joan Ryan, CWSA’s Public Relations and Marketing Manager, told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, January 11, 2010, staff at the CWSA have been working around the clock to ensure that all communities are supplied with water at some point during a 24 hour period.

To this end, the CWSA commenced the distribution of truck borne water on Saturday, January 9, 2010, to the affected areas, until the water supply returns to the regular level.