January 8, 2010
‘No access fees – for now!’

Access fees charged by National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority (NRPBA) for entry to the Botanical Gardens are only for wedding events – for now.{{more}}

This was made clear in a release by the authority last Thursday, indicating that persons wishing to visit the Gardens will not be required to pay a fee at the beginning of this year.

The release stated: “While the NRPBA is working on a fee structure for entrance to the site, it has not yet finalized this.”

This will be announced in due time, the release also said.

As it stands, only persons wishing to use the Botanical Gardens for photography, weddings and reception ceremonies will be required to pay a fee.

Persons wishing to use the Gardens for those purposes are also required to write to the NRPBA to receive permission to do so.