December 30, 2009
East St George ULP Youth Arm reaches out

THE EAST ST. GEORGE Unity Labour Party(ULP) Youth Arm commenced the first phase of its innovative programme “Our Fathers and Mothers of the East St. George ULP Family” on Thursday, December 17, 2009.{{more}}

The group visited the homes and honoured seven distinguished men and women who have contributed in East St. George to the growth of the ULP over the years. Among the persons recognised for outstanding contributions were Cynthia McIntosh of Calliaqua, Marjorie Matthews of Brighton, Jennifer Abbott, also known as ‘Safer”, of Calliaqua, Father Hoskins Huggins of Golden Vale, James Peters of Belmont, Theresa Francis of Brighton and Catherine Endeavour of Fairhall.

Each of the persons honoured expressed gratitude for having been chosen and thanked the Youth Arm for its gesture of thoughtfulness, while encouraging the young people to continue their good work. The programme is scheduled to travel throughout the entire constituency, with the second set of honourees receiving their tokens of appreciation in early January 2010.