Curtains come down on first ever Bequia Reading Competition
December 30, 2009

Curtains come down on first ever Bequia Reading Competition

Four finalists took top honours when the curtains came down on the Bequia Reading Competition on Thursday, December 17.

In the 7 – 8 1/2 year old age group, first place honours went to Zakiya Ollivierre of the Paradise Primary School, while second place went to Paget Farm Government School’s Brianna Richards.{{more}}

In the 9 – 10 1/2 year old group, Blossom Walker of the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School took the top spot, with Tamara Woodley of the Paradise Primary School placing second.

In the 11 – 12 1/2 year segment, the Paradise Primary School took the two top spots, with Christian Friday taking the top position, and Ella Mitchell-Sutton copping second place.

The lone competitor in the 13 – 14 1/2 year old category was Titalie Benn of the Bequia Community High School. The four first place winners will each receive $50 GECCU Junior Savers Accounts, second place winners will get $35 Junior Savers Accounts, while the others will each receive twenty five dollar ($25) accounts.

Twenty-four children and all schools which completed the preliminary round of the competition received certificates of appreciation. All participants also received books as gifts for taking part in the event. The nine finalists received trophies and books.

This was the first occasion on which the three-year old Bequia Reading Club was organising a competition of its kind. Organiser of the competition and Coordinator of the Bequia Reading Club Cheryl Johnson has lauded the event, describing it as an overwhelming success. She attributes this to the support and commitment of the children, parents and community as a whole.