December 30, 2009

Christmas joy spread in West St George

Residents of Arnos Vale/Cane Hall and the surrounding Villages can all look back at the Holiday season with a sense of Joy and accomplishment.{{more}}

This feeling of achievement was facilitated by the joint efforts of the West St George Area Council `E’, friends locally and in the Diaspora, well wishers and the business sector throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines.

For the eighth consecutive year, the Council was able to successfully conclude three major projects in and for the community. First, it was the party for the children 12 years and under. The 130 children and some parents who turned up at the Doris McKie Learning Resource Centre at Upper Cane Hall on Sunday, December 20, 2009, all participated in the one hour programme while being treated to snacks and other goodies, including a gift from the Council.

On that same evening, the lights at the Cane Hall Roundabout were turned on, revealing a true spectacle and maintaining the high standard which the Council and friends have set for themselves over the years. The effort was a fitting reflection of the theme “We spreading the Joy of Christmas through Nature, Lights and Technology”. It involved the use of trees, shrubs, hedges, animals, lights and pieces of technology all interconnected and spreading over the three areas of the roundabout. It was indeed another outstanding display by the coordinators as endorsed by John Public.

The elderly were not left out and gift baskets with twenty variety items were presented to fifty elderly persons over the age of fifty years and some less fortunate persons in the community over the days leading up to Christmas Day. Thanks to the community minded, friends and business sector, the council was again able to ensure the spirit and meaning of Christmas was not lost on any sector of the Arnos Vale/Cane Hall Community.