Aunty G’s annual
December 30, 2009

Aunty G’s annual

The celebrities turning up to entertain the children attending Aunty G’s Children’s Christmas party is a clear indication that the annual event is growing in leap and bounds.{{more}}

Gideon James, Fireman Hooper and Carlton ‘CP’ Hall and others were present this year at the event which took place at Mount Bentick in Georgetown on December 18.

The close to 200 youngsters who were at the function were entertained by the performers and of course by Santa Claus who made a grand appearance and distributed gifts much to the delight of the children.

The celebrations continued on Christmas Day, with Aunty G, Santa Claus, Fireman Hooper and others distributing more gifts and snacks.

The event, which is in its fourth year, is organized and hosted by Georgieta ‘Aunty G’ Haynes of Mount Bentick.

Nanton, who hopes to continue the event for as long as possible, expressed thanks to Father marshall and all the individuals and business places who contributed to the event, and is calling on others to join in the effort of spreading joy and Christmas cheer to the children of Georgetown and surrounding areas.