Ash brings Christmas joy
December 30, 2009
Ash brings Christmas joy

Kenneth Ash promises to continue bringing Christmas joy to all as long as it is the will of the Almighty.

Almost every Christmas for the past 18 years, Ash’s Lowmans (Leeward) residence has been transformed into a major visitor attraction, with dazzling displays of flashing lights and Christmas decorations.{{more}}

“When I see the young children, the adults and the senior citizens come to see the lights and the enjoyment they get, I share that joy, too,” Ash explained.

There was a break in 2008 due to a brief period of illness.

According to Ash, there were several phone calls to inquire if he was going to be back this year. And he has done so with a magnificent display comprising 68,000 lights.

And now that he is in his ‘twilight years’, Ash says he hires a staff of 8 to put together the spectacle, under his watchful eye, of course.

There are also maintenance personnel who are constantly on hand to ensure that the lights are kept burning.

With all this, his electric bill and other costs add up to $30,000 to $40,000 annually, all of which is borne solely by Ash.

He noted that he’s no longer employed and now lives off his Social Security and pension.

“Under these circumstances it is very, very difficult,” Ash told SEARCHLIGHT.

Nevertheless, he assured the general public that he is committed to bringing joy to others with his display.

He says that he enjoys bringing joy to persons; this is the reason why he has never competed and says that he does not intend to compete.

“The love and passion I share, I don’t want to be in competition,” Ash explained, adding that he has given other persons the opportunity to expand and for the competition itself to grow.

He noted that the competition was in its infant stages around the time he had started and expressed his satisfaction that it had since grown.

“I feel very proud of that,” Ash said.

And what about an heir to the lighting empire?

Ash said that he would love for someone to take over the reins after he has passed on.

Sadly, according to Ash, he “doubted it very much.”

“The foundation is there. The only thing is the financial support,” he explained.

He did, however, express his personal contentment that he has been able to create a legacy of which persons will be talking long after he has gone. That, and the fact that there is no other place like it.