December 23, 2009
Vincentian back after 25 years in United States

Home is definitely where the heart is. And Ross Lynch can attest to this.

Lynch is just one of scores of Vincentians who have come home for Christmas from places far and near. When Searchlight visited the E.T. Joshua Airport on Monday evening, it was hive of activity, with families excitedly awaiting their loved ones.{{more}}

After spending almost 25 years away, Lynch, originally of Prospect, is back home for the first time. Not hesitant at all to speak to SEARCHLIGHT after he exited the arrival hall at the airport, there seemed to be only one thing on his mind: home-cooked Vincy food.

Lynch, who now resides in Brooklyn, New York, declared that he could not wait to indulge in all that he has been missing over the years. “I am going to take in almost everything, especially the Nine Morning festival and whatever I can get into,” Lynch said.

The highly excited Lynch noted that although he will only be home for two weeks, he hopes to catch up with everything he missed over the years.

When Danielle Porter said “Hi mommy”, one didn’t even had to ask why she was crying. Danielle is home for the first time in over a decade.

“It feels really, really great to be back home after so long and I am going to make sure I spend all my time with my family,” she noted as the tears of joys kept flowing. Although refusing to be photographed, the tightness with which two of her young relatives held her spoke volumes. It was a visit long overdue.

Currently residing in Brooklyn, Porter admitted that she missed her family so much that she decided it was time to come home. “I miss my family most of all…and on my two weeks here, I want to visit all the sites and do a bit of touring,” she added.

Also moved by her emotions, mother, Helen Porter, could only muster up a few words. “I just feel happy that she is home and I am just glad to have my entire family back together.”

A bit tired from her trip, Mary Pemberton refused to say how long she had been abroad, but admitted it was far too long. “I miss everything about home and I repeat, everything,” she stated.

While on her two week visit, Pemberton has already set out an agenda of what she’s going to do while here. She noted that she will first be visiting the site at Argyle where the international airport is under construction. “I can’t wait until its built because I want to come here straight from New York…it’s too tiring with all these changes of planes,” she noted.