GHS gives $8,000 for Christmas
December 23, 2009

GHS gives $8,000 for Christmas


by Meisha Charles
Headgirl, GHS

The spirit of Christmas filled the Kingstown Methodist Church on Friday, December 18, when the St. Vincent Girls’ High School celebrated their annual “Wonder of Christmas” under the theme “Touched by a Child, touched by a King.”

The programme began with a word of prayer and was chaired by teacher Donna Clarke.{{more}} Members of staff played a significant role in the Christmas celebration. Teachers narrated while students effectively dramatized various scenes of the Nativity Story, and beautiful renditions were done by teachers Athalie Caine and Juanita Hunte-King.

“The Wonder of Christmas” also included dances and Christmas Carols sung lustily by students of the school. The scripture reading was impressively delivered in both French and English, much to the delight of the congregation.

Contributions totalling $8,000 which were collected during the school’s annual Harvest in October were handed over to two organizations. Sister Gertrude Tang Kai accepted $4000 for Our Lady of Guadeloupe Home for Girls in Mesopotamia and the other $4000 was accepted on behalf of His Excellency Sir Frederick Ballantyne for the Children’s Welfare Fund. This presentation highlighted the old saying that Christmas is a time for giving.

The school also sadly said farewell to one of their music teachers, Saschio Yamada, who after a two year stint in St. Vincent will be returning to her country, Japan, on January 4, 2010.

After witnessing the re-enactment of the birth of Jesus Christ, so ably performed by staff and students, the congregation left filled with “The Wonder of Christmas” and anxiously looking forward to next year’s presentation.