December 18, 2009
Salvation Army brings hope to the needy

The annual Christmas distribution programme of the Salvation Army was held on Wednesday, December 16, 2009, at the Salvation Army church.{{more}}

The small church was packed with the elderly and young ones who sang Christmas hymns as the Salvation Army United Band played along.

Giving welcoming remarks, commanding officer Major Pauline King said that they are thankful to ‘God and to His people’ who made the programme a success this year. King said that although some of the goods meant for distribution were stolen earlier this week, she was thankful that the programme was a reality.

King further expressed thanks to various business places which donated goods to the distribution programme.

Giving the Christmas address, Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne said that the society, which is very spiritual, has become violent and filled with conflict.

“I don’t think we spend enough time taking care of our neighbours and friends or paying enough attention to those who fall on hard times and those who are sick,” Ballantyne said. He added that he hopes that for this Christmas and the New Year, persons can be more like what Jesus Christ instructed them to be: “Become our brothers’ keepers as we love and care for our neighbours and forgive those who harmed us,” Ballantyne said.

At the end of the short ceremony, food packages were distributed to several persons. The service also featured singing by Pearl McMaster of the New Life Ambassadors and musical interludes by the Salvation Army United Band.(OS)