December 18, 2009

Nine Mornings stamp of approval

Cabinet has granted approval for the Ministry of Culture, together with the St. Vincent Philatelic Services, to prepare and make a Special Stamp Issue to mark the Unique Vincentian Tradition – Nine Mornings in the Christmas Festival.{{more}}

The stamps will feature the following aspects of the Tradition and Christmas Festival: The Rose Hall Boom Drum; Pan Around the Neck; The Paranging Dancers (2008); The Christmas Angels (2009); Carlton ‘CP’ Hall (2008 and 2009) Performance; The Bowmans (Composers and Performers); Kenneth Ash and his Lighted House (Pioneer – Home Lighting); Sion Hill Light – Up (First Community Lighting Champions); Park Hill Light – Up (Community Light Champions); Layou Light Up (2008).

A release from the Ministry of Culture said the stamps issue and albums “would make a fitting gift and souvenir for all Vincentians and visitors alike.”