December 18, 2009
CW Prescod holds third annual Reading Extravaganza

Students, teachers and Parents of the CW Prescod Primary School took to the streets of Kingstown all in the name of Literacy.{{more}}

The students, decked out in creative hats and accompanied by music from drums, marched along the Richmond Hill main road as they held their third annual Reading Extravaganza under the theme ‘Hats Off to Reading : Using writing as the key to promote Literacy’.

After the march, the children, their parents and teachers gathered at the school where they held a ceremony to exhibit the children’s many Literacy talents.

Speaking at the ceremony, Literacy coordinator Suzette Abbott King mentioned the objectives of the extravaganza which include involving the children in reading and writing, encouraging them to read and write more and to improve their reading and writing and overall Literacy skills.

Headteacher Hyacinth Harry said that the importance of reading cannot be overemphasized and that there is a direct link between Reading and writing. “If you cannot read, you cannot write,” Harry said. She added that writing and reading are very important for the development of a child as Literacy skills may affect their academic performance, self esteem and behavioral problems.

Harry also encouraged the parents present to make reading and writing parts of their lifestyle at home. She suggested that parents have quiet reading sessions at home in which everyone reads to encourage children to read more. She also encouraged the students to write as often as they can, adding that they can write in their journals and express themselves in their own words.

Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Kay Matin Jack, commended the school on its efforts to promote literacy among the students. She further encouraged students to read and write often.

The packed programme included several Literacy pieces, with the reading of short stories by students, a presentation on Vincentian authors, impromptu speeches, public speaking and reading of poems. The school’s newsletter Torch was also launched during the ceremony.(OS)