December 18, 2009

Ballantyne gets assistance from Karib Cable

Pamenos Ballantyne recently received financial assistance from Karib Cable to participate in the PowerAde Run Barbados Marathon on December 6, 2009.{{more}}

Ballantyne placed 5th, with a time of 2:39:59. He stated that he was satisfied with his position, as he was unable to train well because of injuries sustained two months prior to the competition. Pamenos also stated that he was thankful for the assistance provided which allowed him the opportunity to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines while competing with the best from around the world, including St. Lucia, Canada, USA and Kenya.

Karib Cable’s General Manager Ian Mulhern expressed that Karib Cable was pleased to be able to assist persons who show passion and determination.

Karib Cable wishes Pamenos the best of luck in the upcoming Clico Trinidad and Tobago International marathon, scheduled for January 2010.