December 18, 2009
Abbott searches and wins Scriptural Bible quiz!

Raedonna Abbott, a fourth form student of the Girls’ High School, said that she has become a much better person since she has been exposed to Scripture.{{more}}

She says that the Holy Bible has had a positive impact on her life and she believes that it is good for all young people to come to know and live the Word.

Abbott received the Frequent Participant Award in the ‘Scriptural Search Secondary School Bible Quiz’ as reward for her passion about reading the Word of God.

“I am happy I entered and have been so successful,” Abbott told SEARCHLIGHT.

Rounding up the honourees were Boston Thomas of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School and Amordo Caine of the Georgetown Secondary School for the most frequent monthly participation. The St Vincent Grammar School captured the ‘Outstanding School Award’ for submitting the most entrants.

So, is the Word important in the life of young people?

According to Rohan Hector, co-host of the Scriptural Search Radio discussion programme, it most certainly is.

“Of the many things we consider to be important, the Word of God is important,” Hector said in his presentation at the 2nd anniversary special awards ceremony Tuesday, December 15.

He added that it had the potential to act as a deterrent to young people being led astray.

And it was with this in mind that the Bible Quiz was started.

“With the development of talk radio on different areas: politics, sports – we realized that there was need for a talk show on spiritual matters,” Joel Jack explained.

He added that there are also many churches, but that did not mean that there was a better understanding of the Word of God, thus the weekly radio programme was created in 2004.

Last Tuesday’s broadcast was the programme’s 270th airing.

And beginning in 2007, out of concern for issues of violence and other forms of deviant behaviour that had begun creeping into schools, the Bible Quiz was born.

“We thought it necessary to do something to target the youth of the nation,” Jack said.

And there has been relatively good support from the schools, with some 201 students representing 26 secondary schools across the nation taking part in the competition.

Jack expressed some disappointment in the overall number of participants.

He noted that the 201 quoted represented only a small fraction of the overall 13,000 students in the secondary school system, but maintained his optimism that the message was still getting out.(DD)