St Clair Dacon Secondary launches Young Leaders programme 2009
December 11, 2009

St Clair Dacon Secondary launches Young Leaders programme 2009

THE YOUNG LEADERS of the St Clair Dacon Secondary School officially kicked off their 2009 programme with the staging of a health fair last Thursday, December 3.{{more}}

The day’s activity, which included blood sugar and pressure checks, was aimed at sensitizing students and members of the community on holistic wellness.

“Everything’s been going great. The group is dedicated and hardworking,” Williesha London, the group’s president, told SEARCHLIGHT.

London added that this year, the group was focused on the task at hand as they are determined to make it in the top three.

“It’s been hectic, but the presenters are well on their way and we are going well enough,” Charmaine Deane, coordinator of the group, added.

“Hopefully the message will get across,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

However as the students embarked on their first major project for this year’s Young Leaders programme, there was the reminder that holistic wellness not only included personal health and hygiene.

“Holistic wellness and development is what education is all about,” Carlton ‘CP’ Hall, Senior Education Officer in charge of Secondary Schools, told the student body at the opening ceremony.

He continued, noting that he interpreted the theme to include wellness of the intellect.

Hall raised the issue based on the numerous complaints about unmannerly behaviour on the part of some students of the school that he had been receiving.

“School is not only about learning to read and write; it is about manners, decency and respect for authority.”

“We are looking for a few good young people to take over this country in a few years,” Hall informed the students.

“You cannot take over if you do not have the knowledge, skills and the right attitude,” he said.

The Ministry of Education official encouraged the students to develop and maintain good character.

“Character takes you through the world; without it you can easily be booted out,” he explained.

“Young people today are faced with a lot of challenges, but we have not given up on you-don’t give up on yourself,” he advised. (DD)