St Clair Dacon partners with Courts, Bickles, CK Greaves
December 11, 2009

St Clair Dacon partners with Courts, Bickles, CK Greaves

The members of the St. Clair Dacon Secondary School Young Leaders Group are looking to improve on last year’s performance.{{more}}

This year, the 2008-2009 runners up have partnered with supermarket chain CK Greaves, furniture and appliance store Courts and food chain Bickles in an order to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle among the public.

According to Charmaine Deane, coordinator of the school’s Young Leaders Programme, the group will be venturing into the hosting of a National Fruit Day. Between December 16 and 18, the public is asked to donate a fruit or a vegetable and drop them off at Courts or Bickles.

Deane explained that the fruits will be handed over to local institutions, including the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, the Mental Hospital and the Lewis Punnett Home.

The effort is in support of the group’s sub-theme: “Making Wellness Contagious” in the RBTT sponsored event’s theme of “Holistic Wellness: The Journey Towards a Fulfilling Life”.

Making the initiative more appealing, the sponsors indicated that persons donating fruits or vegetables will stand a chance of winning items.

In the case of CK Greaves, it’s a food hamper; Courts will be offering 21-inch flat screen televisions to two donors, and in the case of Bickles, Sunday lunches will be up for grabs.

Alexis John, Marketing Officer at Courts and Managing Director of Bickles Villette Browne indicated that they were proud to be a part of the initiative, and made calls for persons to lead healthy lifestyles.(JJ)