December 4, 2009

The story of Home

Home is the story of a young Vincentian girl torn between the love for country and the promise of a brighter future abroad.{{more}}

The one-hour fiction/documentary had its premiere showing Monday, November 30, at the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown.

The production of the film was done as part of Vincy Homecoming.

Ambassador Ellsworth John, head of the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit (RIDU) and the film’s executive producer, said that he was pleased overall with the effort.

‘Home’ features an all local cast including Nerissa Ariane, J.P Schwmon, Lafayette Johnson, Stacy Ballantyne and Sean Frederick, and also features some of this country’s top historians and cultural icons in Dr Edgar Adams and Alida Derrick Cordice.

The film’s director is Cuban.

Consuelo Ramirez Enriquez’s work was recently featured here and, according to John, served as inspiration to invite her to do a film.

Enriquez said that she was contacted and told that persons were interested in her doing a film.

“In 10 days I was brought here,” she said.

A small group was put together, interviews done to recruit actors, the story was written and filming began.

So then how did the English speaking cast mesh with the Spanish written script?

“When I heard about the script it was easy for me,” Frederick said.

He added that the story line was something he related to.

Frederick told SEARCHLIGHT that he appreciated having the opportunity to be involved in such a project.

“It is wonderful for actors from St Vincent, not only for talent, but to showcase the country.”

“We have lots of things here. I will encourage anyone to remain here,” Frederick continued.

Schwmon added similar comments saying that although he doesn’t read or speak Spanish, once he understood what the director was looking for, acting it out became easy.

He said that he intends to make acting his career and thinks that his involvement was a step in the right direction. He added that working with someone like Enriquez was that first step.

“The first day working with Consuelo, she brought an acting technique that I am familiar with and I thought to myself, I am in good hands,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

Ariane, the lead character in the film, spoke of the experience working with someone like Enriquez.

“It was a pleasure being part of something so significant,” she said.

She shed some light on the issue that the film dealt with, saying that for her, it was a bit of reality.

“There are Vincentians who think the only way out of reality is to travel abroad. Some of them take jobs that they wouldn’t do here.”

“They hide their identity and it was a pleasure trying to bring that out,” she explained. “We need to stay here and take advantage of what is being offered.”(DD)