Students, teachers learn about agro-processing
December 4, 2009

Students, teachers learn about agro-processing

Students and teachers of the Division of Technical and Vocational Education of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College have been introduced to agro-processing and have been shown how to produce different types of juice from local agricultural produce.{{more}}

The workshop took place on November 27, and was held by the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM). Thirty-three students and teachers attended.

At the workshop, a specialist of the Mission, Jonathan C. H. Chen, stated the basic theories regarding Agro-Processing, such as raw material treatment, washing procedure, juice extraction, filtration, sterilization, bottling and packaging. He also explained about quality control and the right proportion of natural or chemical preservative added to the product to prolong its shelf life and prevent it from micro-bacterial contamination.

Besides theoretical introduction, students learned how to produce five finger and ginger beer syrup. For those students majoring in Hospitality, the workshop specifically illustrated how to identify different juice categories, such as Nectars, Squashes, Concentrates or Syrups.

The Dean of the Division Joseph Mapp expressed his appreciation for the workshop held by the Mission. The coordinator of the Hospitality Unit Hazel Roberts stressed the workshop benefited the students.

One of the main goals of the Taiwan Mission is to promote the Agro-Processing Industry in SVG.

A release from the Mission said more workshops are being planned and interested persons can contact the Mission. The Mission emphasizes that if more young students are willing

to devote themselves to the Agro-Processing sector, more local farmers will benefit in the end.