Salvation Army’s Kettle appeal launched
December 4, 2009

Salvation Army’s Kettle appeal launched

The bells of the Salvation Army’s Kettle Appeal are once again being heard throughout the town.

As Vincentians get ready to usher in the Christmas season, it is a reminder of the less fortunate ones among us, and perhaps a reminder that we are in the season of giving.{{more}}

Speaking at the official launch last Friday at the General Post Office in Kingstown, Andre Cadogan, Branch Manager of First Caribbean International Bank, saluted the Salvation Army for continuing the effort over the years.

“The motivation of this organization continues to be the love of God and a practical concern for the needs of humanity,” he said.

Cadogan led by example as being the first from the local corporate community to make a donation of $500 to this year’s fund.

“First Caribbean International Bank salutes the continuing efforts of the Salvation Army, whose mission statement clearly identifies it as a meaningful religious and charitable movement organized in the interest of less fortunate persons,” Cadogan continued.

Now the Army’s plan to raise $100,000 is underway.

Major Henry King told SEARCHLIGHT that $100,000 was collected last year and the target remains the same this year.

“We know the need out there is great and we are hoping to meet the needs as much as possible,” Major King continued.

He spoke of the importance of the Salvation Army and the Kettle Appeal, which has been in St Vincent for some time.

“This (kettle appeal) is a very important arm of the Salvation Army.”

“It (the Salvation Army) is first a church, but one that believes in serving the human holistically-not just spiritual, but physical and social as well,” he further said.(DD)