Hamiliton’s top graduate
December 4, 2009

Hamiliton’s top graduate

Josh Hamilton was the star pupil of the Coast Guard’s Basic Electrical Outboard Motor Training Course. Hamilton graduated with his nine classmates on Wednesday December 2, 2009 at a ceremony at the Coast Guard Calliqua Base.{{more}}

The four-week course ran from November 2 to November 27, 2009. The first week included lessons on electrical theory and practice and in the last three weeks lessons were done on outboard motor theory and fault finding diagnostics.

Giving an overview of the course, Petty Officer William Theobalds said that the course was designed to fit the training needs of the organization. The topics taught included electrical safety, introduction to electricity, simple circuits and practical lessons on setting up a circuit board with lights, fans and switches. Theobalds said that students also worked on 40-horse power and a 200 horse power Yamaha engines.

Extending words of wisdom to the graduates, Commander Brenton Cain spoke about the need for willpower and self discipline to live a well rounded life.

Cain told the students that having these two factors in their lives can bring inner strength and decisiveness. Defining willpower as the ability to overcome laziness, Cain said that having willpower allows an individual to control or reject unnecessary impulses. A person with willpower he added has the ability to be persistent until they successfully achieve their accomplishments.

Self discipline, Cain explained, gives the individual the ability to withstand hardship and difficulties whether physical, mental or any other. Cain added that everyone has impulses and may regret their quick actions but by developing self-discipline a person becomes aware of their inner self consciousness and develop the ability to reject things, which are not positive.

Giving the vote of thanks, Josh Hamilton stated that the course gave the students a clearer understanding of the basic operations of an outboard motor. Hamilton received an overall percentage of 89.9%. Other outstanding students were Customs officer Rafique Roberts who excelled in the electrical module of the course, while Able Seaman Peter Morris was the most outstanding in the practical module of the course. (OS)