November 27, 2009
‘No’ takes the cake!

The results of the battle between the “yes” and “no” cakes are in!

And the “nays” have it, beating the “yeas” soundly in both the cup cake and sliced cake categories.{{more}}

There was almost no competition for the “no” cupcakes, which up to two hours before the final sale on Tuesday, led the “yes” 402 to 195 or 67 per cent in favour of the no’s and 33 per cent for the “yes”.

In the sliced cake category, again the margin of victory was nowhere close with the ‘no’ cakes soundly whipping the “yeses” 114 to 88, or 56 per cent to 44 per cent.

The results are based on cake sales in and around capital city Kingstown and do not reflect sales at the Grenadine Terminal, this according to Sindy Vanloo, part owner and co-creator of the idea.

What’s the public’s attitude towards it all?

Vanloo said that persons generally welcomed the idea. There was minimum hostility on the part of the buying public — well other than the few who thought the promotion was politically motivated.

And what about the future? Particularly when one gets the feeling that general elections are right around the corner.

Marlon Alexander, the other half to the ingenious idea said they would be looking to bring something new and just as exciting.

“Let’s wait until then,” Alexander said.

He did not disclose future plans but noted that the idea would have to be something different.

“We will continue the trend and bring something.”