November 20, 2009
FirstCaribbean donates sewing machines for teen mothers

FirstCaribbean International is helping young teenage mothers to acquire a valuable skill.{{more}}

The Bank has teamed up with the Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) to do so. CCF is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that assists the less fortunate children of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The organization has embarked on a sewing programme in which teenaged mothers can be empowered to overcome financial needs through sewing.

FirstCaribbean has handed over two industrial sewing machines for use in the project. At the handing over, facilitator, well known local designer Patrice Reddock, informed Country Manager Radcliffe Nurse that the programme was doing well. She confessed to being reluctant when first asked to assist, but is now pleased with the progress of the students. She also expressed her gratitude to FirstCaribbean for sponsoring such a worthy project.

The handing over was witnessed by the teenage mothers involved in the project. Nurse expressed his pleasure at the opportunity to be involved and assist with the project. He advised the mothers that the sky was the limit and that they have been placed on a path to be self-sufficient. Nurse also expressed pleasure with the work that was being done thus far.

CCF Area Manager Rhonda Dickson expressed heartfelt gratitude to FirstCaribbean for coming through on such short notice to assist with the project. She stated that many others will benefit, as the machines will last for many years, thanks to the efforts of FirstCaribbean.