November 20, 2009
Digicel store reopens

After six weeks of repairs, the main Digicel outlet office on Halifax Street re-opened its doors to the public on Friday, November 13, 2009.{{more}}

Persons flocked to the store to view the new and improved facility, along with the many state of the art phones on display.

Store Manager Jacqui Martin told SEARCHLIGHT that the enhanced store is now bigger and better and offers something for everyone.

Martin added that they have added more staff, but their main focus is on customer service. “We have to make sure our customers are pleased, and that’s why we have bigger, better customer service,” she stated.

In addition to the new store, patrons will have the chance to partake in Digicel’s Christmas promotions, in which persons can win a vacation for five years, valued at $20,000 a year, $100,000 towards the purchase of land, and another $100,000 to purchase a vehicle. (KW)