November 20, 2009
Christmas LIME tree filled with goodies

Fresh on the heels of their Blackberry Revolution, telecommunications provider LIME is at it again.{{more}}

This time, the company is busy with the launch of its Christmas promotion: LIME Christmas Goodie Bag.

The company officially kicked off the promotion on Tuesday, November 17, at The LIME Store in Kingstown, although it had started the day before.

Country Manager Angus Steele described the occasion as an exciting time for the LIME, and especially its customers, who would win prizes for being a user of either the company’s land line, Internet or mobile products or services, or all three together.

Informing the media and persons who were at the time listening live on radio, Customer Solutions/Delivery Officer Andrea Liverpool said that the promotion, which runs until January 6, features many ways in which customers can win prizes, including the grand prize of EC $50,000.

According to Liverpool, the promotions will run over six weeks with two draws per week. Weekly prizes include LIME handsets, along with supermarket, petrol and home goods vouchers, as well as cash.

Customers have eight different ways of winning these weekly prizes. These include texting XMAS to short code 5463 or topping up prepaid accounts with $20 or more.

Persons talking for more than three minutes also automatically enter into the draw, and by taking advantage of either the of LIME’s prepaid, postpaid, Blackberry or netbook offers.

Persons signing up for new e-accounts, auto pay, ADSL and postpaid plan upgrades and pay their bills in full or on time will also qualify.

Liverpool said that apart from the weekly prizes, customers can win instant prizes from the ‘goodie bag’ when they participate in any of the eight options.

Liverpool also indicated that all customers will qualify for the January 6, 2010, $50,000 grand prize, whether or not they have won prizes in the previous weeks.

At Tuesday’s launch, persons listening via radio were also able to win by calling in and answering quiz questions.

In last year LIME’s Christmas promotion, a regional prize of US $1 million was up for grabs. This was won by Dominican Lucille Worrell. (JJ)